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Unlock Huge Indian Market for Innovative Products

‘The Economist’ calls India a continent masquerading as a country. India’s massive population of 1.3 billion people has transformed its domestic Pharmaceutical market as the third largest in the world by volume and the tenth largest by value (2015: 21 billion US$). In last 10 years it has been growing at about 20 % and is well poised to grow to USD 55 billion by 2020 with rising income levels of patients and proactive government policies aimed at providing both access and affordability to the remotest parts of the country. For value based innovative products, this presents a goldmine of high volume sales and profits when harnessed with the right partnerships and apt price points.

We understand Indian market pulse and help you choose thae right partner from amongs 10,000+ odd companies. There are quite many players that are highly successful locally but are nowhere in the International media space. Additionally, are a host of unique charactersitics of the Indian market like no reimbursement, very miniscule insurance converage, patient pays from his own pocket, the highly intricate local logistics and several  others othat need impeccable understanding and delicated handling.

We help you sail through the maze and connecting the dotted lines and find the best suited partner(s) that understand the specific therapeutic domain of your speciality product, is well versed with local nuances and can introduce your product to a plethora of doctors, hospitals and patients giving you highly surprising incremental revenues. We can help you run the local regulatory procedures and also find you the right manufacturer to produce your product locally so that it is competitive in price for a highly price sensitive purchaser.