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Efficiently Manage Outsourcing Alliances in India

India’s life science industry is globally recognised powerhouse for its talent and prowess in producing low cost product or services at high quality. Along with few Asian countries, the region represents a goldmine of life science outsourcing opportunities where partnering with the 'right companies' can yield some immediate and long term benefits. Considering a large number of partners to choose from, it is absolutely crucial to bear in mind that partner selection without considering internal invisible elements can seriously affect timeliness, quality and costs of projects rendering them too expensive and difficult to correct.

India’s immense diversities at economic, technological or socio-political level, creates a big ideological divide compared to Western countries outlook on project execution and the 'invisible elements' of work culture and corporate dynamics have tremedous implications on the success of the project both at management level and its execution at the shop floor. Team Synergene has very closely and extensively worked at ground level at the interface of both Indian and global companies and utilizing its hands-on knowhow of local nuances related to business culture, management’s outlook and operational realities, Synergene bridges the ideological divide by tweaking Indian deliverables and matching with western expectations and unleashing the truly profitable business value from successful partnership alliances.

We act as your local 'virtual' office in India, becoming your alert eyes and ears close to ground to closely and diligently guide you through the partner selection process, favourable pricing,  spotting new opportunities as they emerge, preemptively avoiding pitfalls and tweak your sourcing value chain from India / Asia in the following ways:

Establish "Virtual" Office in India for cost efficient outsourcing of your products

  • Finished Formulations and APIs Suppliers [CMO]
  • Contract R&D [CDMO] for Development / Stability Studies / Analytical Development 
  • Clinical Research [CRO] for Bioequivalance Studies
  • Regulatory Support [Dossiers / Expert Reports / Pharmacovigilance]
  • Licensing-In [Products & Technologies from Indian Companies]

Get in touch for unique products and technology opportunities available from India that can give you the edge over your competitors.

  • Outsourcing Supply Chain Management
    • Managing Vendor deliveries to ensure better On-Time Deliveries and Client-Service Levels
    • Optimisation of Logistics to efficiently manage costs
    • Vendor or Supplier Audits in India/Asia
  • End-to-End Project Tracking
    • R&D / Development Outsourcing Project until Launch
    • Site Transfers – FDF and API change